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Hemp Plant Hanger

Hemp Plant Hanger

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A perfect addition to your expanding indoor jungle. Hang your Naked Root planter with our hemp hanger in a window for maximum light exposure. The perfect plant hanger - clean lines and a sleek look to compliment your stylish / ultra productive planter. 

Hanger length 25"

Our Hemp Plant Hanger fits both the 5" and 8" Naked Root Planters perfectly.

And keep your cats from munching on the leaves!

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Made in USA
Patent Pending
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  • This is the second set that I ordered. I am working on a system to get used to the "different" way these planters work. I really like them so far. I am glad I found them.

    Vmoore3236Verified buyer

  • Absolutely lovey pots!

    The pots have been planted with various plants for the past week and all my leafy friends are super happy. We have a small lemon bush in the large pot and it’s taken to its new home quite well. Couldn’t be happier. Only wish they came in even bigger sizes and more colors!

    kimberly m.Verified buyer

  • Better than expected - the pots are great quality and I have already seen some pretty impressive growth from a few very sad houseplants that I thought were on their way out. I also planted an Orchid in the 5" size and it looks beautiful and the flowers seem to be holding on much longer. So far so good with Naked Root.

    Orchid L.Verified buyer

  • I have already seen amazing growth in just three weeks. I can't wait to see what happens in six months.

    JenniferVerified buyer

  • Not only are these planters beautiful, my philodendron is growing like crazy since I’ve transferred it into one of the Naked Root 8 inch planters. I also have some broccoli seedlings in the 3 inch planters that are doing fantastic! These planters are so sturdy. And I love the fact that they can go in the dishwasher- a bonus feature:-)

    NdlouhyVerified buyer

  • This is my second time purchasing the naked root planters and I am OBSESSED. I’ve never been able to keep a plant alive until now and my plants are flourishing!

    Alison AVerified buyer

  • This was a genius idea!

    Cathryn G.Verified buyer

  • These planters are such an awesome idea for house plants. If you’re like me and neglect your plants, let these planters do the work for you! They’re also so cute. Bring a poor neglect aloe plant back to happy life! Thank you!

    Ashley B.Verified buyer

  • I love these planters❤️! Not only they are attractive, but so easy to work with I have 90% of my plants growing in leca, and these planters really makes it easy to change my water and flush the leca without needing to disturb the roots. I have placed another order and will be telling everyone they need this plantin system 🌱🌿🪴🌵💕💕💕

    Barbara O.Verified buyer

  • I’ve been trying (and failing) to own houseplants for years now and now I’m finally confident I can keep them alive! My plants are doing better than they ever have with these planters!

    ROSEVerified buyer

  • I love these breathing planters! They are beautiful and functional and my plants are happy! Will definitely be buying more.

    Jerrilynns10Verified buyer

  • Using with leca and so far it is great

    Samantha L.Verified buyer

  • Really like these planters. This is my second order. Thanks

    Barbara O.Verified buyer

  • This Planter has truly helped better the overall health of my plants

    Eldon W.Verified buyer

  • Love them!!! They seem to work much better than wicked self watering pots.

    Kristi E.Verified buyer

  • These are great! I can already see my plants enjoying their new pots. It’s hard to see how much water is in the cachepot if I use the sun hole to water, so I just lift up the inner pot to fill the cachepot 1/4 of the way up.

    Angela S.Verified buyer

  • Super excited for this new way of planting! I'm now on my 3rd starter pack and am absolutely loving how easy it is. I'm eager to see how my plants will look in the next few months with more oxygen!

    Kumiko B.Verified buyer

  • These planters are INCREDIBLE !!! My plants have never been happier ! They are absolutely thriving! I always used to forget to water them, but the schedule is so easy to follow and wonderfully explained! Store bought planters can never get them appropriate water or wouldn’t drain properly; the Naked Root system is ingenious! So thankful for my planters ! I would recommend them to any human with any plant care skill level, their plants will be so happy!

    Amanda M.Verified buyer

  • These planters are fantastic!! I purchased shorty before we went on vacation, we left for nearly two weeks and came home to our plants thriving!! I’m addition to how well they work, the design is well thought out and I love how they look in our home. I highly recommend this product.

    Vanessa C.Verified buyer

  • I bought 3 of the starter kits! I’m converting most of my plants over and notice a positive growth in these plants.

    koziol c.Verified buyer

  • I love my new planter. I would recommend buying it 100%. It is giving my plants new life.

    Gita M.Verified buyer

  • I love these planters! My plants are very happy and the planters are so cute! I have plants in all planter sizes and my plants are thriving in all of them. I do hope there will be a larger size eventually that is perhaps a bit deeper for huge plants, but these planters fit most plants nicely. I highly recommend these!

    SeaVerified buyer

  • This is my second time purchasing the naked root planters and I am OBSESSED. I’ve never been able to keep a plant alive until now and my plants are flourishing!

    Alison A.Verified buyer

  • These planters are such an awesome idea for house plants. If you’re like me and neglect your plants, let these planters do the work for you! They’re also so cute. Bring a poor neglect aloe plant back to happy life! Thank you!

    Ashley B.Verified buyer

Stop guessing when to water

Our unique easy-care watering system takes the guesswork out of growing healthy plants

Fill the high-capacity reservoir with water

Let your plant thrive for 2-3 weeks

Refill on a regular schedule (no more guessing!)

Naked Root users see a significant increase in plant growth (and health)! Our secret? Air root pruning.

Root pruning Saves Lives!

In Naked Root root pruning pots, plants don't grow thick, fleshy roots that spiral the planter and choke the plant. Instead, they grow hundreds of thin root hairs, creating up to 200% more surface area. See the difference for yourself:

Why you can't keep your plants alive?We solved the mystery...

A lack of root oxygen, not neglect, is the #1 reason your houseplants struggle or die. Naked Root's revolutionary Root Zone Oxygen Technology delivers oxygen to the entire root zone, reducing the risk of root rot and making growing healthy plants much, much easier!

Here's How It Works:

The patent pending design is the world's first self-watering, soil-aerating, root pruning planter that won't dry out quickly

Product Specifications:

Prefer to ditch the soil?

Want to keep your hands clean and grow your plants semi-hydroponically?

The Naked Root planter is perfectly suited to grow in LECA, Pon, or Coco Coir.

  • Grows healthy & robust plants
  • Prevents root rot
  • No guess, no stress watering
  • Pruned roots need less up-potting
  • Easily flush out salts and minerals


  • Restricted roots stunt growth
  • Prone to root rot
  • Never sure when to water
  • Frequent up-potting required
  • Salts and minerals build up in soil

What are plant parents saying about Naked Root?


How is Naked Root different from other self-watering planters?

Most self-watering planters use a large reservoir of water below the plant that's absorbed from the bottom-up, slowly over time. Water is translocated to the soil by either a cotton rope or a narrow column of soil. If there is always water in your planter, your soil can stay wet and without oxygen (anaerobic) for weeks, risking root rot.

So Naked Root acts more like a fabric grow bag, suspending the soil in the air. Ventilation slits allow water to penetrate to all roots (not just the bottom ones) so water is absorbed more quickly. Once water is absorbed, oxygen rushes in to facilitate a water-oxygen exchange, replicating the process that happens in nature.

Does soil fall out of the aeration slots?

A little at first. When potting up your plant for the first time, some soil will fall through. And for the first few waterings, a small amount of soil will continue to spill into the outer pot. Simply rinse out the outer pot to clean it. After the first few waterings, the soil will settle in and will stay in place.

How often do I need to water my plant?

Most indoor houseplants will need to be watered about every 2 weeks with the Naked Root planter. You simply fill up the reservoir and let the planter do the work. Some plant types (like succulents) will need water less frequently. Check out our how-to-use directions for detailed watering instructions for specific plant types.