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Hemp Plant Hanger

Hemp Plant Hanger

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A perfect addition to your expanding indoor jungle. Hang your Naked Root planter with our hemp hanger in a window for maximum light exposure. The perfect plant hanger - clean lines and a sleek look to compliment your stylish / ultra productive planter. 

Hanger length 25"

And keep your cats from munching on the leaves!

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Stop guessing when to water

Our unique easy-care watering system takes the guesswork out of growing healthy plants

Fill the high-capacity reservoir with water

Let your plant thrive for 2-3 weeks

Refill on a regular schedule (no more guessing!)

Naked Root users see a significant increase in plant growth (and health)! Our secret? Air root pruning.

Root pruning Saves Lives!

In Naked Root root pruning pots, plants don't grow thick, fleshy roots that spiral the planter and choke the plant. Instead, they grow hundreds of thin root hairs, creating up to 200% more surface area. See the difference for yourself:

Why you can't keep your plants alive?
We solved the mystery...

A lack of root oxygen, not neglect, is the #1 reason your houseplants struggle or die. Naked Root's revolutionary Root Zone Oxygen Technology delivers oxygen to the entire root zone, reducing the risk of root rot and making growing healthy plants much, much easier!

Here's How It Works:

The patent pending design is the world's first self-watering, soil-aerating, root pruning planter that won't dry out quickly

Product Specifications:

Prefer to ditch the soil?

Want to keep your hands clean and grow your plants semi-hydroponically?

The Naked Root planter is perfectly suited to grow in LECA, Pon, or Coco Coir.

  • Grows healthy & robust plants
  • Prevents root rot
  • No guess, no stress watering
  • Pruned roots need less up-potting
  • Easily flush out salts and minerals


  • Restricted roots stunt growth
  • Prone to root rot
  • Never sure when to water
  • Frequent up-potting required
  • Salts and minerals build up in soil

What are plant parents saying about Naked Root?

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How is Naked Root different from other self-watering planters?

Most self-watering planters use a large reservoir of water below the plant that's absorbed from the bottom-up, slowly over time. Water is translocated to the soil by either a cotton rope or a narrow column of soil. If there is always water in your planter, your soil can stay wet and without oxygen (anaerobic) for weeks, risking root rot.

So Naked Root acts more like a fabric grow bag, suspending the soil in the air. Ventilation slits allow water to penetrate to all roots (not just the bottom ones) so water is absorbed more quickly. Once water is absorbed, oxygen rushes in to facilitate a water-oxygen exchange, replicating the process that happens in nature.

Does soil fall out of the aeration slots?

A little at first. When potting up your plant for the first time, some soil will fall through. And for the first few waterings, a small amount of soil will continue to spill into the outer pot. Simply rinse out the outer pot to clean it. After the first few waterings, the soil will settle in and will stay in place.

How often do I need to water my plant?

Most indoor houseplants will need to be watered about every 2 weeks with the Naked Root planter. You simply fill up the reservoir and let the planter do the work. Some plant types (like succulents) will need water less frequently. Check out our how-to-use directions for detailed watering instructions for specific plant types.