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Indoor & Patio:

Root Zone Oxygen Planters

Greenhouse & Garden:

Root Zone Oxygen Pots

Featuring Root Zone Oxygen for happier, healthier plants!

All Naked Root Planters Are:


100% Recyclable Materials


Made Locally Here in The USA


BPA-Free, Durable & Dishwasher Safe

Indoor & Patio:

Root Zone Oxygen Planters

The original revolutionary Root Zone Oxygen planters that help you grow lush and beautiful houseplants with minimal effort. Water your plants on a fixed schedule and say goodbye to root rot forever!

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You'll Get:

6x - 3-inch Planters

4x - 5-inch Planters

4x - 8-inch Planters

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The Future of Semi-Hydroponic Growth

Prefer to ditch the soil and grow your plants semi-hydroponically? The Naked Root planter is perfectly suited, and highly effective with 360° root aeration to grow in LECA, Pon or Coco Coir. And flushing soil salts is now a snap.