When Roots Breathe...
Your Plant Thrives.

Meet the revolutionary breathing planter that stops root rot and makes growing houseplants easy.
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We know why your plants are dying... and it's NOT what you think!

Root Rot caused by a lack of root oxygen is the #1 reason your plants struggle or die. yet for 5,000+ years, planters have had dark, moist, constricted bottoms that make it nearly impossible to keep your plants healthy.

Finally, we've made it easy to keep plants alive and thriving

Naked Root's breathing planters let air penetrate your roots to dry out soggy soil, prevent root rot, and give them the oxygen they need to thrive. So you can grow lush green houseplants, even if you've struggled to keep plants alive before!

Meet the world's first Root Zone Oxygen planter that breathes life into your plants!

  • No More Root Rot

    Keep houseplants alive much longer by preventing root rot, the #1 killer of potted plants
  • Happier, Healthier Plants

    Root Zone Oxygen creates healthy root systems, making it easy to grow stunning plants
  • Up To 200% More Roots

    The miracle of air root pruning feeder root growth and prevents root bound plants
  • Predictable Watering

    Prevent under-watering and over-watering with a low-maintenance watering schedule
  • 2X Air-Purifying Power

    Remove more toxins from the air naturally thanks to the root zone-soil effect

Stop guessing when to water

Our unique easy-care watering system takes the guesswork out of growing healthy plants

Fill the high-capacity reservoir with water

Let your plant thrive for 2-3 weeks

Refill on a regular schedule (no more guessing!)

  • "The Best Planter!"

    I have my marantis in one of your planters and it's getting HUGE!
    - @CoolHandrobyn

  • "Wow, I'm Impressed"

    My plant is now growing like a weed, super healthy!
    - @thepinkjardin

  • "It's crazy"

    I've been able to keep a Calathea alive and thriving in my Naked Root planter. I've never kept one alive for longer than 2 months!
    - @raising5arrowsplants

See how Naked Root is inspiring thousands of people to grow more plants!

Attention Gardeners: Grow highly-productive root systems from day one

Naked Root helps home gardeners grow robust plants and score bigger yields with reusable air root pruning seed starter trays and grow-table-ready inner pots. Check out our full lineup of root pruning planters!

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We Believe Plants Matter

After over 40 years as horticulturists, we believe in the extraordinary regenerative power of plants to heal your mind, body and our planet. That's why we're 100% committed to promoting and enabling plant-based living for everyone.

We dedicated over 4 years of our life to and developed 34 unique prototypes to perfect the Root Zone Oxygen planter that will help you (yes, even YOU) grow strong, healthy, beautiful plants to help clean the air and rejuvenate your soul and make the world a better place for all of us!


How is Naked Root different from other self-watering planters?

Most self-watering planters use a large reservoir of water below the plant that's absorbed from the bottom-up, slowly over time. Water is translocated to the soil by either a cotton rope or a narrow column of soil. If there is always water in your planter, your soil can stay wet and without oxygen (anaerobic) for weeks, risking root rot.

So Naked Root acts more like a fabric grow bag, suspending the soil in the air. Ventilation slits allow water to penetrate to all roots (not just the bottom ones) so water is absorbed more quickly. Once water is absorbed, oxygen rushes in to facilitate a water-oxygen exchange, replicating the process that happens in nature.

Does soil fall out of the aeration slots?

A little at first. When potting up your plant for the first time, some soil will fall through. And for the first few waterings, a small amount of soil will continue to spill into the outer pot. Simply rinse out the outer pot to clean it. After the first few waterings, the soil will settle in and will stay in place.

How often do I need to water my plant?

Most indoor houseplants will need to be watered about every 2 weeks with the Naked Root planter. You simply fill up the reservoir and let the planter do the work. Some plant types (like succulents) will need water less frequently. Check out our how-to-use directions for detailed watering instructions for specific plant types.